Etsy store improvements

So, ever since taking the EtsyRain seminar the other day which was led by a top seller on Etsy, Littlput, I've been hard at work updating my store and asking people what is the most important updates they have made to their store, beside shooting great pictures. One of the suggestions I received was to make international shipping available. I found this amazing article that lays out how easy it is and made the update to my store. In the past, I've been convo'd by international buyers/sellers with various questions, so I know I have international buyers browsing my store. I certainly think this is a wise move, and super easy!

A question for the Etsy sellers out there: what is the most important update you've made to your store that has made all the difference?

And for our lovely buyers: What is the single most important factor when you choose to buy a particular item on etsy?

A little bit about myself...

My name is Jodie and I create soldered jewelry (and other sorts) and am having a blast. I am a graphic designer by trade and have been for almost 15 years. After being laid off in Jan 09 I've decided to go freelance...and also start doing what I LOVE! So I make jewelry with all kinds of lovely subjects such as birds, butterflies...and...scooters! I launched my etsy store in January and it is proving to be something that is such a challenge, and is something that I and totally passionate about!

In my free time you'll find me riding around on my Vespa, I even traveled the west coast with my friends last summer to AmeriVespa in San Jose...kinda like a "Sturgis" for scooters. Scooters make people smile. And my scooter peeps are the best! I keep a blog about my scooter adventures here.

My other motivational factor of working from home is that I get the hang out at home with my dog. I am a supporter of animal rescue and shelters. My best friend in the world, whom I met through a rescue, keeps me company while I make all of my fun jewelry! Willa is a 4 year old chihuahua/terrier mix and is such a sweet little girl. I encourage others to consider adoption rather than buying a pet.

My big thing lately is to get out there and network because I get to get out from in front of my computer and worktable and come out to events and meet some really neat people. Most of my biz has come from custom orders through FB and word of mouth so far. Because of some intense networking over the last few weeks, J Henry Designs is now a proud member of Team EtsyRain and other local artist groups!! What a fun group of people, and a HUGE resource of information and community!

What's next? Spring and Summer craft shows? Creating fine silver jewelry after attending a jewelry and metalsmithing class at Pratt this Spring? Being able to live off doing what I love? Oprah? never know! *wink* No matter what the future holds, I'll make sure to keep you all up-to-date here!